Kim Earl / Dr. James Fisgus

Our company was founded by James Fisgus, M.D., a California physician from Buffalo, New York and Kim Earl, an entrepreneur. Dr. Fisgus, a Kittinger expert, has collected vintage Kittinger furniture and been involved with its restoration for more than 25 years. Kim has spent the last 20 years researching and learning all about Kittinger Furniture and its history. Since 1998, together we have actively helped others find rare pieces of Kittinger furniture.

Click here to read about how Dr. Fisgus was invited to Colonial Williamsburg, to speak at the "2nd White House Staff Reunion". He addressed the importance and historic involvement of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Interior Design of the White House West Wing offices of the President in 1970 and, in particular, the use of Kittinger Furniture in the West Wing. Also, you can read about our historic trip to the White House.

We specialize in pre-owned fine furniture made at the Elmwood Avenue factory of The Kittinger Company, Buffalo, New York, between 1918 and 1990.

We are especially interested in Kittinger's reproductions made under strict license for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Newport Preservation Society. However, we also seek to carry examples of all of Kittinger's fine lines. Our selections include both residential and office furniture.

We invite you to visit here often and browse the furniture we have to offer. Our selections are updated monthly for your convenience. Please let us know if there is a favorite piece of Kittinger you always wanted to own and wish to find. We can often locate these for you in a reasonable period of time.

When needed, we also provide expert restoration, refinishing, and re-upholstery services by retired Kittinger craftsmen with decades of experience. Although some of our furniture is more than forty years old, it can be delivered to you in near new condition.

Our furniture, even when restored, costs much less than prices of twenty years ago.

Shipping to you is easily arranged from our warehouse.

If you wish to own the finest furniture made in America you still have the opportunity to do so. We look forward to hearing from you.

How can we help you find the particular selections of Kittinger furniture you want? E-mail or call us with your requests for specific pieces. We will notify you immediately as each piece is located BEFORE it becomes available to others.

Phone: 800.317.5702 or 909.944.7529 or click here to contact us via our email form.