The White House - Elmwood Goes To Washington

The "2nd White House Staff Reunion" was held November 5-7, 2004 in Williamsburg, Virginia and was attended by a large gathering of current and former distinguished and dedicated White House staff members. Dr. James Fisgus of The Elmwood Company was honored to be invited to speak to the group by two of our dear friends and clients, Kay and Terry Z. of Alexandria, Virginia. Kay had been a White House staff member for more than 20 years and served various Presidents including Ronald Reagan.

Dr Fisgus spoke to the group about the important and historic involvement of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in the Interior Design of the White House West Wing Offices of the President in 1970 and, in particular, the use of Kittinger Furniture in the West Wing.

To add to the presentation, Elmwood Company provided a furniture display of Kittinger furniture samples thought to be used in the White House West Wing offices over the years.

We had a wonderful time at the White House Reunion and made many wonderful new friends. In addition, we were thrilled to receive a special invitation from one of President Bush's staff secretaries, Carolyn C., to visit the White House on January 06, 2005 and have a private tour of the Mansion and West Wing Offices of the President. The visit included many special rooms of the White House including the Cabinet Room, Roosevelt Room, the National Security Office and even the Oval Office.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Carolyn for the generosity of her time and efforts. We also thank Terry & Kay for helping in the arrangement of our tour. Elmwood Company is blessed with great clients.

The photos shown on this webpage were taken during our public tour of the White House. We were also fortunate to get a private tour of the West Wing. The Oval Office was magnificent. The Roosevelt Room still has several pieces of Kittinger Furniture. Specifically, a Kittinger CW148 Sideboard and the chairs around the Roosevelt Room conference table are the Kittinger U548 Chairs.