Original Kittinger finishes were applied to exacting standards requiring many steps to complete. Lacquer is the final coating of a Kittinger finish. The amount of lacquer applied determines whether the finish is closed pore, open pore or semi-open pore.

Restoration of Kittinger finishes damaged by minor scratches, prolonged light exposure and other environmental factors is available to our customers by a retired master Kittinger finisher in Buffalo, NY. Our finisher has many years of experience at the Old Kittinger factory on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, where Kittinger masterpieces were made for so many decades. Our furniture is by definition pre-owned and many of the pieces do need finish restoration to return them to their fine original condition.

The following are examples of some of the premium Kittinger finishes which were available in decades past and can still be found on our pre-owned furniture.

Re-upholstery -

We also offer expert re-upholstering services by a retired master re-upholsterer, with many years of experience from the Old Kittinger factory on Elmwood Avenue. You can provide your own fabrics and leathers to complement your furniture selection.

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Memories of Carl P.
The Elmwood Company's
Original Restorer

by Jim Fisgus
Owner, The Elmwood Company

Jim and Carl circa 1989
(Carl in his favorite Buffalo Bills shirt)

Carl P. retired from the Old Kittinger Company as the Plant Manager in 1992 after working throughout the plant in all departments for over 40 years. A former Kittinger CEO told me that without question, Carl was the finest master finisher in the business. I was fortunate to work with Carl as my mentor and refinishing partner in the Kittinger Collector business (which later became the Elmwood Company) for more than 25 years until he passed away three years ago.

I first met Carl in the reception room of the Kittinger Company on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York. I was in Buffalo in 1989 on estate business following the death of my parents. I am an emergency physician born in Buffalo and I was interested in collecting some Kittinger for my home in California. I stopped by and asked if there was a service available to refinish my Kittinger CW65-66 three pedestal dining room table. I found the table in an antique store in Newport Beach, California. It was old with a faded finish and lots of nicks and scratches in the finish. The secretary at Kittinger called Carl to the reception room to meet me. He was friendly and straight away agreed to help me with my table. He gave me instructions to ship the table to the plant. Sometime later, after perhaps two months, he shipped the table back to me in California and to my complete surprise the table appeared as new, with a gleaming new Kittinger finish. Another time I shipped a Colonial Williamsburg CW158 breakfront to Carl, after a forklift truck punctured the back on the upper case causing severe damage! Carl and his craftsmen completely rebuilt the upper case and returned the cabinet to me with a beautiful new Kittinger finish.

During one early visit to Buffalo to see Carl we were talking and I shared with him that I was in contact with many collectors of the old classic Kittinger pieces. I suggested we start a business together restoring Kittinger furniture. He was interested and agreed. That was in 1990. Little by little the business grew. After a few years the business was very busy and was quickly growing beyond what I could handle myself. My friend Kim Earl came on board and has been an integral part of the business since that time. Carl, Kim and I worked together for twenty years! Carl remained as always the finest Kittinger furniture master finisher. Since Carl has passed we are so fortunate to continue Carl's legacy with the expert assistance of Carl’s daughter Debbie T. We also have on our team Chuck R., another master finisher, that worked along side Carl, at the Old Kittinger Company and has long time refinishing experience with us. Carl’s influence and experience will forever be with us!