Pembroke Gaming Table


This mahogany Pembroke gaming table has a top that slides and may be removed or turned. When removed, a gold hand-tooled red and black leather backgammon board is revealed, and when reversed, there is a checkerboard gaming board of inlaid maple and walnut for chess or checkers.

It also features the flat surfaces with rosewood banding and boxwood inlay on a mahogany field.

The lower drawer opens from one side only.

This game table with identical front and back was reproduced from an English original circa 1800.

H - 28 1/4"
L - 28"
W - 41 1/2" open
W - 23" closed

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Kittinger Product Legend

HN = Historic Newport
CW = Colonial Williamsburg
WA = Williamsburg Adaptation
OD = Old Dominion
RH = Richmond Hill

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