Kittinger Product Legend
HN = Historic Newport
CW = Colonial Williamsburg
WA = Williamsburg Adaptation
OD = Old Dominion
RH = Richmond Hill



Porringer Table

As early as the 1960's, The Kittinger Company was selected by the Preservation Society of Newport County to painstakingly reproduce these now priceless pieces, as part of the Historic Newport reproduction program (HN). Their success with this project has been most gratifying to the American public. Every detail of construction, hidden and otherwise, was rechecked by the Kittinger experts and representatives of The Preservation Society to insure complete authenticity of each reproduction. Each piece includes the Historic Newport Hallmark. The machine cannot replace the hand when pieces of this quality are made. Most of these pieces were hand carved.

The Porringer Table is a very handsome and useful table. Candlesticks were typically placed on the porringer-shaped corners. It features a scalloped apron at the table corners.
Sleek legs with pad feet.

H - 26 3/4"
W - 34"
D - 24"

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