Kittinger Product Legend
HN = Historic Newport
CW = Colonial Williamsburg
WA = Williamsburg Adaptation
OD = Old Dominion
RH = Richmond Hill



Bombe Chest-on-Chest

The CW190 Bombe Chest on Chest needs no introduction to most collectors of Kittinger Colonial Williamsburg reproductions. This magnificent chest is one of the most sought after of the Williamsburg furniture reproductions and clearly one of the rarest. Only 150 of the meticulously crafted signed and numbered chests were ever made. The chest is an exact, uncompromising, and unequaled reproduction of the original famous antique in the museum at Williamsburg. Each chest was hand made by a single Kittinger master cabinetmaker who then signed the Williamsburg certificate of authenticity on the left side of the lowest drawer of the upper case. The chest, just as in the original antique, is made from 265 pieces of fine mahogany. The drawer interiors are lovely white pine. The scroll top, finials, rosettes, and shell are all hand carved. The brasses are hand cast and are striking against the mahogany finish. The chest has an outstanding presence which elevates its design into the realm of fine art.

The CW190 chest is based on a circa 1780 antique made in coastal Massachusetts, probably along Boston's north shore.

This chest was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kittinger's association with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and represents one of the peaks of The Kittinger Company's abilities as a fine furniture maker. This piece is an investment which clearly will continue to grow in demand and value.

H - 91 3/4"
W - 46"
D - 23 7/8"

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